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004 — The Science of No Knead Bread

— Sourced from Kenji Lopez-Alt, Serious Eats

I've been following Kenji's writing on no knead bread lately and it's fascinating and very forgiving.

Lots of people seem to be using the technique to get into baking during various lockdowns and quarantines, and I can see why! It's strange to come to something so easy, consistent and delicious after years of failed bread from over-kneading or letting a dough proof too long and finding it sprawled out over the floor after a few hours.

Not only has this given me consistently excellent results, but it turns out to be an excellent base for a focaccia! Following a no knead system (Kenji has some writing on no knead focaccia) and adding some of what I've learned experimenting with — and reading about — Ligurian focaccia, this is the closest I can get to the Genovese sea air in sunny Glasgow.

Kenji's also done a brilliant POV video stepping through the process of making a no knead loaf. I was sceptical and have been proven seriously wrong. This is worth a shot!